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The Japanese infantryman’s uniforms, equipment, and personal effects, 1931-1945 


Nowadays not much is known about the weapons, the uniforms and the living conditions of the Japanese infantryman (the Heitai), the undisputed conquerors of almost all South-East Asia during World War Two. In this sumptuously illustrated book, both the reader and the historian can now see the Imperial Army’s infantryman’s personal effects. Thanks to a collection which has been very carefully preserved for decades, each aspect of the Heitai’s daily life is shown in detail with marvel- lous colour photographs accompanying the captions. The items are classified by weapons, clothing (tropical and polar), mess and communication equipment, decorations, helmets, insignia, sight equipment, gas masks, flasks, cameras, tents and footwear. Also included are the propaganda posters and reading matter supplied to the Heitai for the long periods of calm, serving their country isolated on Pacific islands.
By studying the Japanese soldier’s equipment – from his dagger to his tooth brush, from grenades to underwear, we discover the history of these soldiers in depth, much more than in a film or in a book. At the same time, it is inte- resting to compare the equipment of the Imperial Army combatant with that of a G.I. and how in many cases they were similar.
As an obvious companion of the indispensable Landser, this huge, outstanding work on the Imperial Heitai gives a unique insight into the Japanese fighter who was once America’s most formidable foe. 

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages464
Author(s)Augustin Saiz

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