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The Black Order, Allgemeine-SS 1925-1945


This exceptional book, realised in its original edition by the editor of Landser, was a success and offers a true insight into a totalitarian regime. He presents a rather unknown aspect of the SS, the Allgemeine-SS (the “general SS”), gathering together soldiers but also civilians, among whom university professors and personalities from civilian life. Its objective was to build up a “total society”. It was thus that embrigaded units were ready and available alongside the general organisation; this book presents the project of Himmler’s new religion: the organisation of SS weddings, the Ahnenerbe, the furniture designed for the “the family clan’s corner” and even the Allach porcelain. This study is a real, lavishly-illustrated encyclopaedia presenting a mass of information and still unpublished documents. From uniforms to parade arms, from furniture to porcelain, this documentation will rapidly become a reference for simple amateurs or researchers but also for historians.

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages428
Author(s)Ulrich of England

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