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Into the heart of Korvettenkapitän - Teddy Suhren’s last mission 


Beginning with an incredible collection of photographs discovered in the U-Boote base at Brest at the end of the war and then until recently hidden in a shoebox, this exceptional book tells the complete story of a U-Boot, in service during the summer of 1942. The submarine was the U-564 and bore “Teddy” Suhren’s famous “three black cats” motif; with Krettschmer and Prien, he was one of the great U-Boot comman- ders during the Battle of the Atlantic.
This remarkable book gives an insight into daily life in a submerged U-Boot and the complex workings of the Kriegsmarine. Through U-564’s successes and trials, the reader is shown the immense naval battlefield that was perhaps one of the most important operational theatres of World War Two. 

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages168
Author(s)Lauwrence Patterson

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