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The battle of the three borders May-June 1940, fightings in the Longwy sector.


As a complement to the vast “encyclopaedia” on the fighting in May-June 1940, the author presents the fighting which took place in the Longwy sector. His book shows first the Longwy stronghold built in 1680 by Vauban and incorporated in 1920 into the “Fortified Region”, the advanced element of the Maginot Line. Then we look in detail at the whole of this sector of the Maginot Line, the work during the “Phoney
War” by the 3rd DLC. Then it was war once again in this strategic region near Sedan and the cavalry which missed its date with history, and the fighting on these three borders, from 12 to 14 May which ended at the fortified strongholds.
A historical document with 55 maps, plans and drawings, more than a thousand photos, most of which unpublished.

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