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Major Rüdolf Witzig, the Capturer of Eben Emael, Fallschirmjäger on all fronts




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This book presents the story of the famous Major Witzig, born 14 August 1916, officer cadet on 1 April 1935, commander of the Engineers section in the Fallschirm-Infanterie-Battailon in August 1938 with whom he captured the fort of Eben-Emael at dawn on 10 May 1940 taking 1200 Belgian soldiers with his 55 paratroopers. Awarded the Ritterkreuz, he jumped into Crete where he was seriously wounded. He then commanded a battalion of paratroopers in Tunisia and on the Eastern Front. He was awarded Oak leaves. After the war, he was a colonel in the Bundeswehr.

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