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A German Invention : the Jerrycan


Because it’s still being used universally almost 80 years after it was created, the Jerrycan deserved its own in-depth study of its German origins. Never before dealt with in a single book and with a preface by the grandson of the industrialist who con- ceived it, the water and petrol versions of the can are both illustrated in all their diversity: from the most current to the rarest in a catalogue of about 150 models. The different manufacturers: car component makers, coachworks, kitchen utensil manufacturers, etc, are presented by chapter with a brief history. Wehrmacht Kanister 20 Liter shows all the possible aspects of this revolutionary can: from the bid of the Waffen Amt in 1936 to the post-war makes, from industrialization, to how it was used, from accessories to export models, from the liveries and markings painted on the cans to the lack of fuel in the Third Reich. Fifty or so unpublished photos show the fuel distribution chain and how the Kanister was used in the Wehrmacht.

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