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THE GERMAN HELMET From the M35 to the M42 


Over the years, the German helmet has become legendary.
Its silhouette has always made of it an outstanding object which the period photographs or modern cineastes have not hesitated to use. This helmet symbolises the grandeur, but also the madness, of men. It now belongs to history and has become an object people covet the world over. Although the helmet seems at first sight to be a simple affair, nothing could be further from the truth. Our book will give you most of its secrets, known only to the initiated.
Its secrets and details are all described in the book. Everything will be revealed, like an autopsy, from the shape of the insignia and the makers to the models. It also covers the chinstraps, the painting and the circles. This book will give you all the tips needed to make the right purchase and avoid crooks and other DIY merchants who never hesitate to put false painting and markings on all the models from the M35 to the M42 from the end of the war. 

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