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State secrets, memories and eye-witness accounts 


On 19 October 1946 Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Third Reich’s former Foreign Minister was hanged after being sentenced to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal for “preparing a war of aggression”. Biographies generally tend to des- cribe him univocally, but this book is interesting because it sheds new light. Rudolf von Ribbentrop, his son, offers three facets.
Born in 1921, he found himself, from the age of 12 with his parents, in the midst of the secrets of politics and diplomacy. He is a first class witness who has written a new biography, with unknown – well-sourced – aspects of German foreign policy; it is an exceptional account for History. It is also his account as an officer, on the Eastern Front and in Normandy, up to his last meeting in February 1945 with Hitler, then reduced to total decrepitude. And the third aspect is that it is an account which effec- tively unravels how Hitlerism worked, in a way nobody has done until now. Because of these three aspects, this is therefore an exceptional work.
An event from a historical literature point of view. 

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