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Volume II : Totenkopf, Polizie, Wiking


In this second volume about the Sturmgeschütze in the Waffen-SS, the reader will find the history of the Totenkopf’s assault guns, first as a simple battery, then later as a powerful Abteilung of three batteries. Plunged into the hell of the Demiansk Pocket in the winter of 1941/42, the Sturmartilleristen fought severely and continually until they reached Austria in the spring of 1945 including Operation Zitadelle in July 1943 and Poland the following summer. This part is particularly richly illustrated thanks to Untersturmführer Jänisch’s and Unterscharführer Mödlinger’s legacy. As part of a big, but less prestigious although just as interesting unit, were the assault guns belonging to the Polizei division – a particularity of the StuG.IV – together with unpublished photographs showing less well-known engagements like those in Greece or again those in the Banat, in Hungary in the autumn of 1944.
Finally there were the StuG. IIIs in the Wiking which distinguished themselves in the horror of the Tcherkassy Pocket.
Organised as a simple battery, or in a formidable group, or incorporated into the armour, into the Sturmartillerie anti-tank guns themselves, these assault guns played an essential role in the struggle against Soviet armour. Apart from photos and eye-witness accounts, the book gives detailed biographies of the aces and holders of the Ritterkreuz among the StuGs in these divisions, like Berndt Lubich von Milovan, Ernst Dehmel, Richard Utgennant, Hans-Georg Jessen or Willy Hein.

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages256
Author(s)Pierre Tiquet
Written inFrench

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