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The Gebirgstruppen (the moutain troops) in Colour (1935-1945)


During the Second World War, fifteen or so mountain divisions and a host of smaller units gradually saw the light of day in the German Army. They were engaged on all fronts, in extreme geographical conditions, in all the hot points where the Wehrmacht had to fight, from the North Cape to Libya, from the Atlantic to the Caucasus.
This book describes
the life, the operations and the equipment of these special units. To recount their story, it was necessary to consult contradicting sources and, in general, the final choice was made by looking through to the original documents, like the Kriegstagebücher (the operational war logs). This book is the product of forty years’ research and was only completed with the support of a lot of veterans and enthusiastic collectors.
It is predominantly in colour, illustrated with mostly unpublished period photos and completed with some coloured documents, and presentations of uniform items from private collections or museums.

This book has been written by a specialist of the period sources and historical studies. 

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages208
Author(s)Yves Beraud

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