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Volume 2: August 1944 
Forthcoming: Novembre 2020


The project of writing a two-volume, richly illustrated study of the German armoured unit, the (Wiener) 2.Panzer-Division, is to be completed in 2016. The author, Frédéric Deprun, has devoted more than ten years to studying meticulously this armoured unit’s engagements in the Norman bocage. The first part deals with the unit re-forming in the Arras area while waiting for D-Day then guides the reader through the murderous fighting at Caumont-l’Evanté, Cahagnes, Cheux, then May-sur-Orne in June and July 1944. In the second volume, an account is given of the Panzer unit’s inability to contain the Allied offensive to the south of Saint-Lô at the end of July 1944, then the attack at Mortain up until the moment when the men in the unit with the Trident were encircled in the Chambois-Argen- tan cauldron. The two 350-page volumes illustrated with 800 unpublished photographs and more than 60 maps, guide the reader through the host of eye-witness accounts along the 2.Panzer-Division’s tragic route through the Calvados, until it crossed the River Seine. 

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages350
Author(s)Frédéric Deprun


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