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THE WAFFEN-SS 1939-1945, the Grenadiers Volume 1


This encyclopaedia of the uniforms and equipment of the infantrymen called “Grenadiere” by the Waffen SS at the end of the war, has become essential for researchers, historians, collectors but also for the very numerous fans of the history of WWII. Indeed ever since the troops at the disposition of Hitler as his personal guard, the LSSAH, the uniforms developed considerably. Historical publications give us a small part of the thousands of photos available in the archives. But their descriptions are often very meagre. A photo showing a Grenadier wearing a 1933 uniform cannot have been taken in 1941. This encyclopaedia enables us to appreciate these developments.
This first volume shows the smocks, trousers, breeches, shirts, coats and headgear. The second will introduce the other aspects of the uniform and equipment. The period photos and the drawings are used in support of the photos of the original items. It offers you a very rich documentation, aimed at being exhaustive, a considerable work which will become a reference.

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pagesHervé Bertin
Author(s)Hervé Bertin

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