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during the 1870 War 


In keeping with their way of presenting History’s most beautiful uniforms, the authors in their new book present us with the French Army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Even though the formidable war machine which Napoleon III’s army had become had already been through several campaigns in Europe, Asia, Africa and also in America, and made a good impression on Euro- pean general staffs, was it really ready to face a modern army on its own soil ? Against perhaps a Prussian army, which had recently become German, and which had also forged itself by winning battles ?

The uniforms, equipment and weapons of all the Imperial Army corps are presented here with extraordinary uni- form plates by André Jouineau, the famous illustrator-researcher. The texts are by Jean-Marie Mongin and go well beyond the customary details, delving into the organisation and the strength of this formidable force, which quite unpredictably suffered what some people in many ways still consider a humiliating defeat, even today.

Discover the campaign clothes – and the great parade uniforms – of the Cent-Gardes squadron, the Guides, the Cuirassiers at Reichshoffen, the Marsouins at Bazeilles, the Hussars, the Turks, the Zouaves, but also that terrible year’s “Moblots” (conscripts), the heroes of Bourbaki’s army and the volunteers of the last months of this war which was, when all is said and done, a foundational conflict.

This volume is for the uniform and figurine buffs ; it’s a small, practical tool, precise, clear, logical and visual. Almost 140 uniform plates and maps. More than 1000 infantry, artillery and cavalry drawings. 

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages176
Author(s)A. Jouineau - J.-M. Mongin
Written inFrench

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