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Les Vikings


This book, the perfect guide to the Viking age, gives an exhaustive anthology of the archaeological and historical data of medieval Scandinavia between the 8th and 11th Centuries. The author starts his historical voyage at the end of the German Iron Age. It was indeed during this period that the foundations of Viking society were laid. Far from the romantic phantasmagoria these warriors inspired, it deals with the different aspects of Scandinavian society. It mentions the art of war, Scandinavian expansion, writing, religion or again how society functioned in Scandinavia during this period. These different parts are well illustrated by objects coming from the entire Scandinavian sphere and by numerous photographs of reconstitutions, giving a good picture of these men from the North.
Damien Bouet is a regular author for Editions Heimdal. Assistant editor at the magazines Antiquité and Moyen age, he is also responsible for various experimental projects linked to medieval Scandinavia (building a longboat). After Viking boats and Hastings: the birth of a kingdom, he now takes us on a trip through the Viking epic.

Format16 x 24 cm
nombre de pages80
Author(s)Damien Bouet
Written inFrench

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