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2.Panzer-Division Tome 3

Volume III/Falaise and retreat – 13 August-September 1944


The final act of the 2. Panzer-Division’s engagement in the heart of the Battle of Normandy began on 13 August, in Volume III of the series of three books about this German armoured unit. Moving the unit between Alençon and Argentan wore its fighting units down during a week’s dramatic retreat. Following on the illusions brought about by the counter-attack and the hopes of resistance in Normandy, its Kommandeur, von Luttwitz, had to avoid annihilation in the Falaise-Argentan Pocket. The unit’s losses along the banks of the Dives were heavy but the 2. Panzer-division managed to get itself out of the Kessel (Cauldron) and across the Seine at the end of August 1944. A slow retreat started towards the German border and the much weakened unit’s inevitable reorganization.
In 320 pages, Frédéric Deprun with his book 2. Panzer-Division, Volume III/Falaise and retreat – 13 August-September 1944 develops the timeline of the week’s fighting in the Falaise-Argentan Pocket and the retreat routes towards Rouen and Germany with the help of eye-witness accounts, maps and a host of unpublished photographs.

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages280
Author(s)Frédéric Deprun
Written inFrench


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