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Aéronautiques navales du monde



All the countries with maritime air space, no matter its size, have a naval air arm. This usually consists of carrier-borne aircraft, land-based maritime patrol aircraft, or even flying boats. After WW2, the sea powers wanted to rebuild their naval air arms, so they could intervene on all the seas and protect their national interests. At first, it was the USA and Great Britain who supplied most of the aircraft carriers and carrier-borne aircraft, because they didn’t have the means, before certain countries like France developed their own ships and aircraft, especially jet-powered ones. This book with over 200 pages contains several hundred profiles and photos both alphabetically and chronologically and reviews each country that has a naval air arm, be it a small one like Argentina or New Zealand, or the opposite, like especially the US Navy. All the carrier-borne aircraft, both STOL and VTOL, are reviewed, from fighters to ASW aircraft, via multi-engined maritime patrol aircraft, thus giving this original and rarely dealt with subject a panorama as exhaustive as it is colourful.

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages128
Author(s)Gérard Paloque
Written inFrench

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