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The illustrated encyclopaedia of ARMOURED TRAINS from 1826 to the present day


A retired French army colonel, Paul Malmassari had already published a reference book about a subject rarely dealt with – armoured trains – brought out by Heimdal in the 1990s.
As an undisputed specialist on the subject, this time the author proposes a new, very different approach to the history of these steel giants dependent as they were on the railways. From the beginnings to the present day, the trains from more than sixty countries are dealt with. The Russian ones, where they played an important role, among other things, during the 1917-1922 Civil War; the German ones – the Panzerzüge -  and the French ones during two world wars, are also described. But armoured trains also existed elsewhere, on the four continents, including countries which one would not suspect of having any.
The enormous encyclopaedic work of more than 520 pages makes this book an indispensable tool for all amateur readers and neophytes, buffs or merely interested, by this very specific military subject. It is richly illustrated with photographs, engravings, descriptive plans. Its particularity is to unite incontestable technical precision with an historical explanation of the times in which these monsters on the railways were used.
A work not to be missed.

Format21 x 29x7 cm
nombre de pages528
Author(s)Paul Malmassari
Written inFrench

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