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  • 39-45 n°346
  • antiquite n°9
  • avions de combat 5
  • sortie soldat n°4

    New issue : SOLDAT #4

    Main Folder : the French Imperial Guard : cavalry (2)
    Mameluks, chevau-légers lanciers, chevau-légers de Berg,
    horse furniture, trumpeters, officers etc.

    Available on this website


  • submarine HS 2

    SUB-MARINE Special issue 2
    The U-110 Tragedy

    Thanks to albums belonging to one of the sailors aboard U-30 and then U-110,
    the author has been able to reconstruct the path taken
    by Kapitänleutnant Fritz Lemp and his crew,
    including the sailor Willi Brohm, and the fate of these submarines.


  • Operation dynamo
  • Aces #5
  • Histoire des Français 3
  • moyen-age_112
  • aventure automobile 3
  • normandie 1944 n°28

    <h3 style="padding-left: 220px;"><span style="color: #fbe121; font-size: 30px;"><strong>NORMANDIE 1944 n°28<br /></strong></span></h3>
    <h3 style="padding-left: 220px;"><span style="color: #e9ecf4;">• Bombardements du Havre<br />• Objectif Le Bény-Bocage pour la 11th Armoured Division<br />• Der Windhund en Normandie Pz.A.A.116 à Mortain<br />• 28 Juin 1944 : la riposte allemande commandée <br />depuis le bunker du Mans</span></h3>
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  • Normandie-la bataille
  • U-110
  • Special Offers